About Niko Exterior Property Management Company.

Who We Are Inside Shows Up Outside in the Care We Take of Your Treasured Property

Happily meet and greet Joanna and Rafal (otherwise known as “us”), owners of Niko Enterprises. On a personal note, we both have a European heritage and are proud of things we inherited, including a stalwart European work ethic, a commitment to growth through education and the generations-old dream of a better life in the world “across the pond.” Years ago, the pursuit of that dream landed us with our parents in Canada where we established a highly successful, luxury home construction business called Niko Homes. Our brand was based on the promise of “Timeless Elegance,” which we happily provided. We still do.

Though Niko Homes was a great business success, we couldn’t ignore the fact that our winters are dark, brittlely cold and spring takes forever to dawn. Eventually, we did what many of you have done, decided to escape colder climes to come to a land of sunshine, warmth and promise. We moved to Sarasota.

All we had learned and gained came along for the ride, including our years of project management experience and our knowledge that success is built by meeting customer expectations and exceeding them. With that as a foundation, we established Niko Enterprises Group and the Niko Property Management division tasked with a lovely mission — creating lush and luxurious landscapes and outdoor spaces.

Today, We Cultivate and Grow Customer Relationships by offering:


Over 20 years of experience developing and implementing business strategies and effectively managing projects.


Personal involvement and expertise provided by owners, Joanna and Rafal. You will always deal with us and while we have expert assistants to do the heavy lifting, clipping, cutting and raking, we are your heads-up, hands-on-, heart-involved customer representatives.


Clear and constant communication to make sure work is done correctly, with a touch of artistry. as well.

That’s our happy story and we’d be thrilled to have a discussion with you about your business or residential outdoor property needs.

Let’s get a relationship growing. Call (941)899-4495 or contact us here.